Rating Scale

Rating Scale Explained

I do my ratings on a 0-10 scale, similar to IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes (although theirs is a percentage), etc.

9 – 10: Would pay to see multiple times in the theater, would definitely buy, could watch over and over.

8 – 9: Definitely would see in the theater, would buy the movie.

7 – 8: Would see in the theater, might buy, but the movie is definitely re-watchable.

6 – 7: Probably see in the theater, but would definitely try to catch on TV or Netflix.

5 – 6: Possibly see in the theater if you like the genre/director/actor, etc. Probably watch on Netflix when it comes out.


4 – 5: Catch it on Netflix or TV, unless you’re a fan of something about it then maybe go see it at the dollar theater.

3 – 4: A background Netflix/TV watch, or a watch if you’re bored out of your mind, or drunk.

2 – 3: Might have at least some make-fun of ability that is keeping the score up, or one redeeming quality but is overall a bad movie.  Only watch as a last resort.

1 – 2: Just say no to bad movies kids.  You’d need to be pretty drunk to enjoy this movie.  Very easy to make fun of the riduclousness, but still will be bad enough to annoy you.

0 – 1: This movie has no redeeming qualities.  The amount of alcohol it would take to make this movie good is equal to the amount of alcohol it would take to kill you.  So please, avoid it at all costs.


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