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    • (Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie)

      Yes, he did, but Holly said that he only took them to give them a ride. I think he just found the spot that was comfortable (considering that was his old house, but I doubt he knew that), and saw the two nice girls and wanted to play with them. I don’t think Alex meant that to be malicious. He just wanted friends. Holly is the one who decided to “keep” the girls.

      I do think it’s important to note, that you could argue that Alex knew what he was doing, and meant to take the girls – for the purpose of Holly finding more kids. I am of the mindset that Holly just saw it as a crime of opportunity, since she said they hadn’t really done any killings/abductions since her husband had disappeared.

  1. I just saw the film and am dying to know, could you actually hear Alex say “they only cried when I left”? I didn’t hear it.

    • Yes, I actually heard it. I think they purposefully made it very quiet so that some people would miss it and others wouldn’t, so that you’d have this seed of doubt even after the movie.

      I heard him say it – because I was paying super close attention as it was a scene where my sister had left to go the bathroom, and I like to make sure to be able to tell someone what they missed in case it was important. I was already questioning myself, as if, is that what I really heard? before Keller even recounted it to the police officer a few moments later. I think it was really good planning on the writer or directors part to have it so quiet.

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