6 comments on “Review – Looper

  1. wow, I just love checking out other people’s movie reviews. you pretty much write the movie out ( a gift I have not yet acquired), this is super helpful though and well thought out.

    p.s. love your homepage and how it is more conducive to mine in allowing people to scroll through your movie reviews based on images instead of words. how did you do it?

    • It’s actually a horrible habit of mine – I realize in reviewing it I end up writing out the majority of the plot anyway – so I just figured I might as well do a decent synopsis. But sometimes I get lazy (see Lawless review) and I don’t. Or sometimes the “synopsis” is really just me making fun of everything I hated (see Brave review).

      For my homepage, I just created a new “page” and I put in images from my media library. I changed the “link” on the image to link to the review rather than the place the image is located though. It took some playing around with, but yeah, I really like it this way. I’ve been trying to keep them in relatively alphabetical order, but the foreign films or two-part titles make it hard…. like one movie says “Lady Vengeance” on the poster, but it’s actually “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”…. do I put that under S or L?! Tough call!

  2. This is a good synopsis aside from a couple of mistakes not worth mentioning in detail. I just saw the movie this evening so it’s really fresh in my mind. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this movie but I was pleasantly surprised. Just two things I wanted to say about Young Joe talking about the circle repeating itself. I think he was comparing his life of growing up angry without his Mom and falling into a not so great lifestyle with what could happen to Cid if he did in fact witness his Mom killed, thus growing up angry and alone and becoming the “Rainmaker.” The other thing is that whatever events originally made Cid the “Rainmaker” may have been altered once Old Joe set out on his mission but the end result was still the same: Cid witnesses his Mom being killed, grows up on his own, angry and alone and becomes the “Rainmaker.” I think Young Joe felt that if Sara lived to raise Cid he would stand a better chance. Now of course we don’t know this for a fact but, Y. Joe sacrifices himself in the hopes of Cid growing up happy and loved. Are there still holes in this theory? Yes, of course but, what movie doesn’t have plot holes or at least one unanswered question? All in all, liked the movie, liked the review.

    • Thanks, I figured there are a couple of mistakes as I wrote it from memory after one viewing in the theater, when it first came out. Whenever I watch it again, I will fix mistakes.

      And yes, all movies have plot holes/unanswered questions – and especially time travel movies. It’s so hard!

  3. Just one more thing. Young Joe did originally live out 30 years of his life. He killed his older self and moved to China where he met his wife, who was killed while Old Joe was being abducted. This was shown to us I guess as an aside. When Old Joe sent himself back to try and save his wife, well of course the future becomes altered.

    • Well, “Young Joe” is who I refer to as the second Joe, or the Joseph-Gordon Levitt Joe. OLD Joe (Joe 1/Bruce Willis Joe) was at one point also young, looked like JGL and lived out his life for those 30 years. But “Young Joe/JGL Joe” (spoiler alert for anyone reading comments) never got to live out those 30 years because he killed himself.

      Just my naming convention I think confused you. My bad!

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